• The Basics

    Understanding the essentials of dividend investing What are dividends?     What are stocks?    Dividends and taxes Essential knowledge

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  • BTSX results

    A 30-year track record As of the end of 2018, the 30 year average rate of return using the “Beating the TSX” method was 12.33%. To put this in context, the benchmark index rate of return was 9.40% over the […]

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  • Why Dividends?

    Dividends are the building blocks of a solid financial plan. Top 10 reasons a dividend-based strategy is ideal for DIY investors: Superior returnsSimplicityLow feesLower riskLower volatilityTax-efficiencyInflation protectionSteady incomeDiversification Flexibility

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What is confirmation bias?

Building on last month’s post which addressed how we might tackle investing in a potentially “over-valued” market, I thought I would explore one of the most common cognitive biases that undermines good financial decision-making: confirmation bias. About a year after […]