About me

I am a forty-something husband, father and DIY investor.  Like most DIY investors I had to make some mistakes before I found a system that works.  For me, that is a dividend-based approach to investing.

I wasn’t always a good saver and I certainly don’t have any formal education in financial planning. But at forty-one years old I was able to achieve financial independence using a simple, evidence-based strategy of buying and holding quality dividend-paying (Canadian) stocks.

It may not be for everyone, but I believe dividend investing has a lot to offer the DIY investor:  excellent historical returns, extremely low fees, tax efficiency and inflation protection, to name a few.  The problem is that many DIY investors don’t understand how dividend investing works or how to implement a sound dividend-based strategy. 

I hope this website is useful in helping you understand what dividends are, why they are essential to achieving financial independence and finally, how to implement a simple and effective dividend-based investment plan.

Email:  contact@dividendstrategy.ca