Why Dividends?

Dividends are the building blocks of a solid financial plan. Top 10 reasons a dividend-based strategy is ideal for DIY investors: Superior returnsSimplicityLow feesLower riskLower volatilityTax-efficiencyInflation protectionSteady incomeDiversification Flexibility

Inflation protection

What is inflation? Inflation is essentially the rate at which the cost of living increases. What you could buy ten years ago for $100 now costs $125. Inflation decreases value Historically, inflation rates in Canada have averaged between 2 – […]

BTSX results

A 30-year track record As of the end of 2018, the 30 year average rate of return using the “Beating the TSX” method was 12.33%. To put this in context, the benchmark index rate of return was 9.40% over the […]

Stock selection method

Most retail investors – people like you and me – pay fees to financial planners who invest their money in expensive actively managed mutual funds that ultimately underperform the market. The ideal investing strategy is exactly the opposite:  simple, low-cost, […]

Disclaimer and policies is presented as an educational resource and should not be construed as individualized investment advice, nor as a recommendation to buy or sell specific securities. The funds and portfolios discussed on the site are examples only and may not […]

About me

I am a forty-something husband, father and DIY investor.  Like most DIY investors I had to make some mistakes before I found a system that works.  For me, that is a dividend-based approach to investing. I wasn’t always a good […]

Superior returns

Can a DIY investor achieve superior returns than the index? The simple answer is a confident YES when a strategy of dividend investing is employed.  Here is the evidence. Dividends drive stock market returns Dividends are a major component of […]