BTSX results

A 30-year track record

As of the end of 2018, the 30 year average rate of return using the “Beating the TSX” method was 12.33%. To put this in context, the benchmark index rate of return was 9.40% over the same time period.

There is not a single mutual fund in Canada with a track record of such out-performance.  (Please feel free to confirm this data: these results were and continue to be documented on an annual basis in the Canadian Moneysaver magazine).

In fact, as you can see from the chart below, BTSX has outperformed the benchmark over every time period we tested.

*We compare our results to XIU because it is an investable index fund tracking the TSX 60 index, which is our benchmark

A 116% difference

What this means in real terms is that $10 000 invested using the BTSX strategy 30 years ago would be worth $229 902 today. That same $10 000 invested in the benchmark index would be worth $106 469 – a 116% difference!

*BTSX is compared to XIU, an investable index fund that tracks the total return (dividends included) of the TSX 60