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The following ten stocks are selected from the TSX60 index using our stock selection method.

For the complete TSX 60 list of stocks by dividend yield, go HERE.

These are the TSX 60 stocks that currently have the top 10 dividend yields.  This is not the annual list that is created at the close of markets on December 31st and is used to calculate annual returns.  You can find that by typing “update” in the search bar on the right.  The BTSX portfolio changes as stock prices change.  This doesn’t mean you should buy and sell frequently. 

Please note:  This data is pulled automatically from Google Finance and may be delayed by about 20 minutes.  Occasionally, Google Finance will not function properly.  When this happens, “#N/A” may appear in data fields for those stocks, putting them at the top of the list.  I suggest referring to Yahoo! Finance for those stocks.  Lastly, the feed may be temporarily interrupted on occasion – if it is, check back later.

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