What I'm currently working on

      • Trying to post on DividendStrategy.ca at least every two weeks.  This keeps things interesting (I think) and allows me to keep the quality high
      • building my flat-fee financial mentoring/planning service.  Tons of fun so far, thanks to my amazing clients!
      • finishing up CSI’s Wealth Management Essentials Course – it’s a big one!
      • moneySmartMD just had it’s 5th course, I’ve been interviewed on a podcast (EMCases), and I’m looking to expand the course offerings to help more physicians understand personal finance
      • Just moved to Belleville a few months ago – pretty much unpacked, but still getting the workshop set up
      • Gearing up for the Christmas season by building inventory for Mattlin Woodcraft . . . cutting boards, salad tongs, spatulas, kids’ toys, etc.
      • Currently reading a bunch of classic Ursula K Le Guin (fiction).  For non-fiction, my WME course material gets my eyeballs most of the time, but I’m also about to start “Taking Stock” by Jordan Grumet
      • we moved away from the squash courts, so exercise consists of weight-lifting, rowing and running