What I'm currently working on

      • Working hard to update DividendStrategy.ca.  If you’re seeing this, it’s gone live and apparently working – phew!
      • Building a new venture, moneySmartMD – a course for physicians to help them understand money and how to use it to build a better life.  As an introvert, I never thought I’d be good at talking to large groups.  Turns out, it’s not as hard as I’d thought 🙂
      • Spending a few hours every day in the workshop building Mattlin Woodcraft inventory for upcoming craft shows
      • Currently reading:  “The Three Body Problem” by Liu Cixin and “The Molecule of More” by Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD and Michael E. Long
      • Currently watching: Yellowstone on Amazon Prime and Squid Game on Netflix
      • Nursing a squash injury . . .anxious to get back to playing (medial gastrocs tear . . . welcome to middle age, Matt)