Do bonds belong in my portfolio?

For decades, professionals have constructed “balanced” portfolios using the 60/40 stock/bond ratio as a template. Other variations pushed a bond allocation equal to the investor’s age, or other such rules of thumb. These high-bond allocations performed reasonably well in the […]

Answering the top 5 reader questions about BTSX

There is no shortage of investment blogs. You even have your choice of Canadian blogs focusing on dividend paying stocks. What makes special? Beating the TSX. There is no other simple, freely accessible investing method out there that can […]

The alpha and beta of dividend investing

Alpha and beta aren’t just letters in the Greek alphabet; they are also commonly misunderstood investing concepts – not to mention part of the vast lexicon of investing jargon that keeps analysts sounding smarter than they are and leaving DIY […]

Lessons from the COVID crash and recovery

Success is not the result of knowledge, talent, or even skill. These things help, to be sure, but the most important determinant of achievement is step-by-step improvement. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, as long as you take […]

BTSX after bear markets

In a recent post we talked about why investing in the stock market during a market correction can be one of the best investment decisions one can make. But what about dividend paying stocks? Data shows that dividend-paying stocks in […]